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Bokuden Ryu Jujutsu


Concealed Arm Throw (Ude Kakushi Nage)

          The defender grabs the opponent's right hand with his left hand at the opponent's wrist and his right hand on the opponent's forearm near the crook of the elbow. The defender turns around to the left, pulling the opponent forward so that the opponent's chest is close to the defender's back. The back of the opponent's elbow is placed on top of the defender's shoulder in the process. The defender breaks the opponent's arm and throws him past his right side with a shoulder throw (Seoi Nage). The defender finishes by submitting the opponent with a lock (Gyaku).

Sleeve Throw (Sode Nage)


Defeating Inside of the Arms Throw (Ude Kumi Oi Nage)

          The defender grabs both the opponent's wrists and turns around inside of the opponent's arms. The defender crosses the opponent's arms as he turns around so that the opponent's right arm is on the left side of his neck and the left arm is on the right side of his neck. The opponent's elbows should be locked out against the defender's neck, forcing the opponent onto his toes. Because of this, the defender can throw the opponent easily.

Different Hands Throw (Chigaite Nage)


Hidden Arm Throw (Ude Gakure Nage)



          The opponent grabs the defender's belt with both hands on either side of the waist. The defender hangs onto both sides of the defender's lapel and jumps up placing both feet on the opponent's waist in the area of his belt. The defender falls to the ground at a diagonal angle from the opponent's original position. The opponent will follow the defender and be thrown over the top of him in a sacrifce throw. The defender finishes by locking out the opponent's hand/ arm. This technique is about letting go of intentions to cause the opponent to lose their intentions.

Sneaking Up Throw (Shinobi Nage)

          The defender sneaks up behind the opponent. The defender bends over keeping his body below the opponent's line of sight. The defender grabs the opponent's belt at the middle of his back with the right hand and grabs the opponent's left ankle with the left hand. The defender immediately pulls the opponent's leg out from under him while pushing with his right hand to throw the opponent onto his front. The defender finishes by locking out one of the opponent's legs/feet.

Dropping the Arm and the Hatchet (Taore Ude Nata)


Double Collar Grab (Ryou Eri Tori)


Kicking From Behind and Laying Down (Ushiro Keri Fuse)


Pulling the Arm and Laying Down (Ude Hiki Fuse)


Knocking-Down the Inverted Hand (Sakate Tou)


The Part of the Throw - the x Concealed Throw (Nage no Bu - x Kukushi Nage)


Rocky Cavern x (Gandou x)


No Hands Throw (Mute Nage)


Concealed Arm Throw (Ude Kakushi Nage)


The Part of the Standing Capture (Tachi Tori no Bu)


Standing and Pulling the Collar (Eri Hiki Tachi)


Kicking to the Front and Laying Down (Mae Keri Fuse)


Single Wing Lock (Kata Hagai Shimari)