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Iga and Koka Ryu

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          Iga and Koka were two regions in Japan in which ninjutsu originated. Both schools use similar skill sets, techniques, and strategies, but the two systems placed emphasis on different things.

          Iga Ryu is characterized by the ample use of tools and gadgets which the Iga Ryu shinobi used to complete their missions of espionage. Iga Ryu seems to also be more well known then Koka Ryu since there is much more detailed documents that survive today concerning Iga Ryu Ninjutsu.

          Koka Ryu, sometimes wrongfully known as Koga Ryu, is based almost soley on skill and magic, instead of tools and gadgets. Koka Ryu claims that, even though their skills are very similar to those of the Iga Ryu shinobi, their skills were divinely given.