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Iga and Koka Ryu

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          Iga and Koka were two regions in Japan that were famous for their skilled ninja. Both regions used similar skill sets, techniques, and strategies, but the two regions placed emphasis on different things. The term Iga Ryu and the term Koka Ryu is a general term for all the different lineages (Ryuha) that originated from those regions. While some traditions were clearly of Iga or Koka origin, others had combined skill sets from both regions. The traditions listed below are grouped by school name, family name, or notable persons from the art. The reason for this is that the actual names of some of these traditions are unknown. Many of the traditions were named after the clan/ family it originated from, so for simplicity I have referred to traditions whose name I do not know by the name of the family or notable persons from that tradition.

          Fujibayshi Ryu Fujibayshi Ryu Ninjutsu   Hattori Ryu Hattori Ryu Ninjutsu   Iga Ryu Iga Ryu Ninjutsu
Koka Ryu Koka Ryu Ninjutsu

          Iga Ryu is characterized by the ample use of tools and gadgets which the Iga Ryu shinobi used to complete their missions of espionage. Iga Ryu shinobi seem to have been more prevalent as Iga was a slightly more populace region.

          Koka Ryu, otherwise known as Koga Ryu, is based almost soley on skill and magic, instead of tools and gadgets. Koka Ryu claims that, even though their skills are very similar to those of the Iga Ryu shinobi, their skills were divinely given.